Photo: Frank af Petersens
  • Investigating Illegal Ivory Trade in a Laotian Jungle Outpost January 25, 2018

    Two of the world’s leading experts on ivory and rhino horn trade recently infiltrated the seedy world of an opulent gambling mecca in the middle of the Laotian jungle, called Kings Romans [sic], and were stunned by what they found. Acting on reports from their sources...

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  • Protecting an elephant outpost January 25, 2018

    In a small, hilly forest on the western edge of the African continent, the last elephants in the Republic of Guinea cling to survival. With only 200 remaining, the Ziama forest that lies on the border with Liberia provides them with a final refuge in an increasingly human dominated...

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  • African Conservationists Praise China's Ivory Ban January 3, 2018

    The sale of ivory just became illegal in mainland China, a move heralded by conservationists, who say the legal trade has been providing cover for its illegal counterpart, perpetuating the belief it is okay to buy and own ivory.

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