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  • Loewe Launches Limited Edition Bags With Knot On My Planet To Save Elephants July 16, 2018

    LOEWE and Knot On My Planet joins forces today to launch a limited edition collection of their iconic Elephant Mini Bag in tan, in support of the Elephant Crisis Fund (ECF)—a joint initiative between Save The Elephants (STE) and WCN, in partnership with the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation.

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  • Who Will Save the Elephants? June 21, 2018

    On June 20, the AP reported that nearly 100 countries had taken part in an Interpol-led “globe-spanning crackdown on the illegal wildlife trade” called Operation Thunderstorm, in which they recovered contraband that included 43 tons of meat (including elephant) and 1.3 tons of ivory.

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  • Remembering Esmond Bradley Martin February 20, 2018

    With his blaze of white hair, gentlemanly manner and love of brightly coloured suits and silk handkerchiefs, Esmond Bradley Martin was distinguished in more ways than simply by his status as one of the world’s top ivory investigators.

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  • Hong Kong Moves to Ban All Ivory Sales, Closing a Loophole February 20, 2018

    Hong Kong’s legislature voted on Wednesday to ban all ivory sales by 2021, closing what activists called a major loophole in the global effort to end the trade and protect elephants from poaching.

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  • African Conservationists Praise China's Ivory Ban January 25, 2018

    The sale of ivory just became illegal in mainland China, a move heralded by conservationists, who say the legal trade has been providing cover for its illegal counterpart, perpetuating the belief it is okay to buy and own ivory.

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  • Snapshot From Garamba January 25, 2018

    On May 3, 2017 rangers heard high velocity gunshots in Garamba National Park, a 1,900 square mile UNESCO World Heritage site in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Their fears were quickly confirmed by an aerial patrol: nine fresh elephant carcasses were lying...

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