Beehives and Smelly Elephant Repellents in Kilombero Valley, Tanzania

Photo: Southern Tanzania Elephant Program
Grantee Southern Tanzania Elephant Program
Type Human-elephant coexistence
Location Tanzania
Total Granted $40,966
Number of Grants Awarded 2
Invested Since 2020

The southern Tanzania landscape is of global significance for biodiversity conservation. Critical to the ecological functionality of this landscape is the Kilombero Valley, a densely populated and extremely fertile matrix of villages, agriculture, grazing lands, and diminishing wildlife habitats. The valley contains wildlife corridors which represent the most critical and highly threatened link of connectivity between Tanzania’s western and southern elephant populations. This area is now a hotspot for human-elephant conflict. The ECF is supporting the Southern Tanzania Elephant Program to develop mitigation measures in the area, including beehive fences and ‘smelly elephant repellant’, as well as raising community awareness about understanding elephants and safety around elephants.