Photo: Nate Goldenberg

The threat of the ivory trade is global and complex. To combat the ivory crisis and secure their future, elephants need financial support and moral commitment from an alliance that spans continents and sectors. Increasingly, notable brands such as those below are putting their weight behind saving elephants through powerful campaigns. This generous support has been vital in funding anti-poaching, anti-trafficking, and ivory demand reduction projects around the world.

  • Knot on My Planet

    The #KnotOnMyPlanet campaign was conceived by David Bonnouvrier, Trish Goff and Doutzen Kroes, and created and developed by the founders of Blood, George Prest and Drew Burdon. It is a campaign born in fashion and powered by influencers and brands to provide a secure future for elephants through raising funds for the Elephant Crisis Fund within the fashion industry. It pays homage to one of the key characteristics of our most noble animal - memory. Elephants never forget and to remember them, the fashion industry will wear a knot to raise awareness and stop the demand for ivory.

  • Tiffany and Co.

    Founded in New York in 1837, Tiffany & Co. is the world’s premier jeweler, as well as a leader in sustainable luxury. In 2016, Tiffany supported the #KnotOnMyPlanet awareness and social media campaign for The Elephant Crisis Fund (ECF). From 2017, Tiffany has continued its support with Save The Wild, a collection of elephant brooches and charms with 100% of profits donated to ECF and a minimum commitment of one million dollars.

  • Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation

    Since the inception of the very idea of the Elephant Crisis Fund, the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation has been committed to advancing awareness about the ivory crisis and driving funds to elephant conservation through the ECF. Using the power of its voice and public reach, and the Foundation’s strategic financial investments, the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation has been a central pillar in the campaign to save elephants.

  • Ivory Ella

    A young apparel company, Ivory Ella has used its creativity and clothing line to engage new audiences through its massively popular, elephant-inspired brand. In addition to frequent designs and campaigns targeting support to the Elephant Crisis Fund, Ivory Ella uses profits from sales to deliver financial support to Save the Elephants to employ the top experts in elephants and the ivory trade to find and select the best projects and drive the ECF’s grants to them. Without Ivory Ella’s ongoing support, the powerful 100% financial model of the ECF driving all donations directly to the ground would be impossible.