Saving Elephants, Ending The Ivory Crisis

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Learn how the Elephant Crisis Fund is helping end the ivory poaching crisis. Film narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio.

Africa's elephants could disappear from much of the wild within a generation.

Elephants are facing serious and urgent threats to their survival. African elephant numbers have plummeted from 1.2 million in the 1970’s to only around 500,000 alive today. This is a result of illegal hunting for their tusks and body parts, the trafficking and sale of ivory, and the sharp rise of conflict between humans and elephants through an escalation of competition for space and resources. 

Such a clear and present danger to one of the most ecologically important and treasured species on earth requires collaborative responses that are rapid, innovative, and – most importantly - effective. 

Scientists, front-line conservation organizations, and governments have united behind a common strategy to secure a future for Africa’s elephants. We must:

Stop the Killing of Elephants.
Stop the Trafficking of Ivory.
Stop Ivory Demand.
Promote Human-Elephant Coexistence.

The Elephant Crisis Fund (ECF) team has unrivalled continent-wide knowledge of the unique threats to African elephants and a vast network of collaborators. The ECF funds the best ideas and most urgent actions by trusted conservation organizations working to safeguard the future of elephants. The ECF fosters collaboration and delivers rapid impact on the ground, with 100% of every dollar deployed directly to the field.

The ECF's goal is to end the ivory crisis and secure a future for elephants.