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Saving Elephants, Ending The Ivory Crisis

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Learn how the Elephant Crisis Fund is helping end the ivory poaching crisis. Film narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio.

Africa's elephants could disappear from much of the wild within a generation.

A devastating poaching epidemic is threatening these iconic creatures. Driving the killing is a complex, international ivory trade that thrives on poverty, corruption, and greed.

Scientists, front-line conservation organizations, and governments have united behind a common strategy to end this crisis. We must:

Stop the Killing of Elephants.

Stop the Trafficking of Ivory

Stop Ivory Demand

The Elephant Crisis Fund (ECF) exists to fuel this coalition – supporting the best ideas to end the ivory crisis, not a single institution. The Elephant Crisis Fund fosters collaboration, and delivers rapid impact on the ground, with 100% of every dollar deployed directly to the field.

The ECF has but one goal: to end the ivory crisis and secure a future for elephants.